Jewerly Display Cases – Considerations in the Design

Jewerly Display Cases

Considerations in the Design of Jewerly Display Cases


1. The design of Jewerly Display Cases should be careful and not be changed easily

When designing the Jewerly Display Cases , they should be considerate and comprehensive. Once they have been discussed and approved, they should not be changed easily, especially in the later stage. The changes may delay the construction and increase the cost. Even affects the opening. The budget is often the source of the contradiction. There may be a big gap between the budget and the design. As a display designer, you must accept the budget realistically and do your best to do the design work within the budget. If the budget is not clear, It doesn't mean there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble. If the design and construction costs are excessive, the display designer should be held responsible. Therefore, insist on figuring out the budget standard, controlling the expenditure, and arranging all items and standards in advance. Do the design and construction work well within the budget.


2. The design of the Jewerly Display Cases is simple and clear

Simplicity, lightness is the best way to attract the audience. Most people can only accept limited information in an instant. The audience walks in a hurry, if they can not get clear information in an instant, they will not be interested. It is also easy to reduce the work efficiency of the staff of the booth. If the exhibits are to select representative furnishings, they must have a choice and must be abandoned. The photographs, charts, and written instructions should be clear, Simplicity. Design decorations unrelated to the objectives and contents of the exhibition should be minimized.


3. The design of Jewerly Display Cases  should be focused on

There should be a center, a focus. The focus of the stand can attract attention. The focus selection should serve the purpose of the exhibition, usually special products, new products, most important products or valued products. Lighting and other means to highlight. On the other hand, is to use appropriate colors, charts and layout, in a coordinated manner to create a unified impression.

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4. The design of the jewelry display case should be unique

Being different can attract more visitors, make it easier to identify and find, make visitors to the booth impress and be remembered later. Design is unique, but don't lose sight of your goals and business image.


5. The design of jewelry display case should be viewed from the perspective of the target audience

The success of the exhibition depends to a large extent on the interest and reaction of the audience. The design of the jewelry display cases should take into account the people, mainly the target audience's purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, reaction and so on. Design from the perspective of the target audience. Easy to attract the attention of the target audience, resonance, and the target audience to leave a deeper impression.

6. Space should be considered in the design of Jewerly Display Cases

Cabinet designers also have to take into account the number of staff and the number of visitors to the booth. A crowded booth is inefficient and can cause some target audiences to lose interest. An empty booth, in turn, will have the same effect. The area of the stand is the main factor.


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