Jewerly Display Cases – Attention Points In The Design

Jewerly Display Cases

What are the points for attention in the design of jewerly display cases ?

1. Visual effects: modern cabinets design, based on the commonness of visual behavior,jewellery display case design should lead to a lot of plane, three-dimensional and color components of the principle, And in the practice of jewellery display case  design, a relatively complete design principle and principle has been formed. The purpose of jewerly display cases design is to make consumers receive information most effectively in limited time and space, in addition to showing the design of the environment itself. The design of display form is also an important content of jewellery display case  design, so the design of jewelry display cases should make customers look comfortable and natural.

2. Lighting of jewelry display cases : halogen lamps consume a lot of electricity, and yellow light. Led with warm colors consume less electricity. The light design of the jewerly display cases comes from the top light source first. The inside of the jewelry display cases uses fluorescent lighting to improve the overall brightness. Especially the jewerly display cases , Through the corner lights or LED lights reflect the unique diamond corner texture to stimulate customers to buy.

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3, the display cabinet color aspect: the jewellery display cases color design should be concise, if the color change is easy to cause the consumer vision fatigue instead to be unable to achieve the key prominent effect. The logo color design has the extremely strong precision and the succinct, Like people with clothes, there are no more than three colors. Harmonious colors make people active, bright, relaxed and happy; dissonant colors, on the contrary, make people feel negative, depressed, heavy, tired.

4. Accessory materials: accessory materials for jewellery display cases, in fact, some decorations of display cabinets, such as engraving, spray painting, etc. They should not be designed too fancy, they should be designed in combination with the overall image of the jewelry store, so that they can be painted by jet painting. Embellishment and other ancillary materials play the effect of embellishment.

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