Jewelry Store Showcases – Mainly Functions

Jewelry Store Showcases 

The Function Of Jewelry Store Showcases / Jewelry counters


Design and manufacture of the good Jewelry Showcases with good functionality are generally completed around the following three features:






The purpose of the Jewelry Showcases is to display jewelry , it is not only decoration but also display carrier, need to know more about thStore Jewelry Display Cases in the production process, understand the craft structure and the artistic position of the Jewelry Store Showcases, can do an article on the function of the jewelry display cabinet. Now let's talk about the functionality of Jewelry Store Showcases .


The function is the essential element of a jewelry display case, and it is also a value embodiment of the jewelry display cabinet, which can not be called a display cabinet. However, the design and manufacture ofjewellery showcases is a very strict process. Before the display case is shipped, we often check it according to the acceptance document of the jewellery showcases product. As a matter of fact, we do not have to measure and inspect every item, every detail of the process. That is not realistic or desirable. We only need to judge and accept the counter in terms of its appearance, size, structure, function and so on. As long as the jewellery showcases has beautiful appearance, accurate size, solid and reasonable structure and complete function, then it is the product that we need and admire, and it is the qualified product that we need to produce.


Jewelry counters should be beautiful in appearance, accurate in size, firm in structure and complete in functions. After all, there are differences in the workmanship and equipment of each Jewelry counters manufacturer and the technology of the staff, as far as experience is concerned, On the acceptance inspection, we will mainly check the overall color and surface elements of the Jewelry counters , such as grain, paint, glass, hardware, etc., so long as the overall color and grain conform to the drawings, techniques, guest board requirements, paint, glass, hardware and other surface no bruising, scratch, etc. Defects, flanging, no soaking, offset printing, bubbles, flow glue and other phenomena, the hand can be smooth.

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