Jewelry Showcase – Standard For Selection Of Lighting

Jewelry Showcase

Standard For Selection Of Lighting For Jewelry Showcase

If there is no good lighting effect, jewelry showcase will be eclipsed, what kind of lighting of jewelry showcase can be more to promote the transaction of customers?


1) Make sure the jewelry showcase is dazzling-let the customer in.

2) Make the indoor light harmonious, beautify the store, create a stable and comfortable shopping environment-so that customers do not want to leave.

3) Can clearly present the correct color of jewelry, show the fine process and true color of jewelry, attract customers' attention, send out the most attractive light-let the customer love it, and decide to buy it. We are the jewellery showcases suppliers in GuangZhou City, China

4) Choose light source reasonably for the jewelry showcases which can reduce energy consumption, reduce maintenance-save cost. Good lighting effect of jewelry showcases can bring better sales performance.


Different jewelry need different lights to be used together, such as gold jewelry, The lighting of jadeite is very different from that of diamonds. When selecting lights for jewelry stores, the factors that need to be considered are lamp color, lighting degree, glint, temperature, color representation, infrared fiber, UV fiber, etc. Of course, it is not possible to take into account all the above factors, generally need to focus on the color temperature, lighting and glint.


According to the relevant data, jewelry can show the best appearance effect under the illumination of 3300-7000K color temperature. The factors that should be paid special attention to when merchants choose the light source of jewelry showcase : different lighting level can distinguish the level of jewelry store and the main body of sales; Glint is the reflected light emitted by the jewel when the light shines on the jewel, and the gems become more dazzling when the reflected light becomes more prominent. Coloration is the correct color and clarity of the light on the object. The higher the color is, the more detailed the process and the true color of the jewelry can be depicted.

The quality of jewelry itself has very high requirements for light sources:

(1) extremely high lumen efficiency of 80lm / w / w;

(2) low thermal radiation;

3) good color rendering;

The light color is even, the color is bright and lifelike;

Avoid losing luster of textile fabric, plastic embrittlement (anti-ultraviolet);

(6) constant light and color in the whole effective service life;

7) insensitive to temperature change;

Long service life, economical and durable;

Eye-catching lighting, commonly used in light: yellow light, neutral white, and sunlight white

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