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Jewelry Display Case

Manufacture and Design of Jewelry Display Case

In order to better display the beauty of jewelry products, Jewelry Display Case should be used to embody and highlight the characteristics and advantages of jewelry products. Therefore, the Jewelry Display Case design should be the best related measures, so as to ensure the overall beauty of Jewelry Display Case design. Jewelry Display Case design and production should not only be creative but also in line with the actual situation, the following is an important element of Jewelry Display Case design. Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

1. The design of Jewelry Display Case should be simple and not complicated. 

The average person can only accept a limited amount of information in an instant. The spectator walks in a hurry and does not have a hobby if he or she can't get a clear message in an instant. In addition, the complexity of Jewelry Display Case also easily reduce the work efficiency of cabinet production staff. The exhibits must be selective and must be abandoned if they are to have representative string displays. Simplicity and lightness is the best way to attract an audience. Design decorations that have nothing to do with the objectives and contents of the exhibition should be minimized.Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

2. The design and manufacture of Jewelry Display Case should conform to the reality.

 The booth is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, charts, exhibits, display frames, display tools and so on. Good Jewelry Display Case design is to combine these factors to assist exhibitors to achieve the purpose of exhibition

3. Jewelry Display Case design should be designed from the point of view of the target audience

 Especially temples, palaces, banks and so on, exaggerating eternity, authority and grandeur. But in a competitive exhibition, success or not depends largely on the audience's preferences and reactions. Therefore, Jewelry Display Case should be designed to take into account the target audience's feelings, preferences, views, reactions and other factors. Design from the point of view of the target audience, easy to attract the attention of the target audience, called, and left a deep impression on the target audience. Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

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4.  Jewelry Display Case design emphasis on individual elements.

Jewelry Display Case in the design to emphasize personality, in space and atmosphere to facilitate conversation. If it can make people feel "different" here, and if it seems to be open to the public, then it is not ideal that the matching use of the elements of the stand should also help to enhance the persuasive power of the staff members' conversation content. Customer's instant goodwill can be repeatedly confirmed and strengthened in limited time and space, laying the foundation for post-exhibition contact. Jewelry Display Case design also takes into account other activities planned by the enterprise during the exhibition,Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

5. Jewelry Display Case design should consider space

Jewelry Display Case design staff also consider the number of staff and number of visits. Crowded booths are inefficient and can cause some target audiences to lose interest. In turn, empty stands will have the same effect. To this, the area of stand is main factor. The use of jewelry counters can enhance the charm of jewelry itself, affect the customer's desire to buy in varying degrees, improve the sales performance of the counter, so some jewelers take the Jewelry Display Case seriously. Create Jewelry Display Case that embody the charm of jewelry.Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

The above is the role of Jewelry Display Case, for jewelry merchants, custom-made Jewelry Display Case for their own products have a great effect on improving performance, although it is only a prop, but the impact is not to be underestimated. So merchants need to work on Jewelry Display Case. Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

In the design and manufacture of Jewelry Display Case, the use of lights is indispensable, general lighting can enhance the brightness of jewelry, more attractive eyeball, different jewelry display products are not the same, so the display will be very different, these changes are to highlight the charm of jewelry, so that the display of jewelry stores become a monopoly It is very important for everyone to enjoy the big meal, jewelry display and so on. Jewelry Counter  / Jewelry Showcase 

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