Jewelry Display Case – How to Design Jewelry display case

Jewelry Display Case

Jewelry Display Case – How to Design Jewelry display case

Jewelry to become more eye-catching it needs a full personality Jewelry display case, so how should we make a full personality Jewelry display case ? When people enter the shop to buy jewelry, the first thing to bear the brunt is the Jewelry display case. The layout of the Jewelry display case directly affects the aesthetic of the consumer and impacts the first impression of the consumer on the jewelry.

So how should we layout to let the consumer impression bonus, will not produce aesthetic fatigue? No matter if any product wants to be more perfectly presented to the public without any damage, it will have to be displayed with a number of tools, and this will use a variety of Jewelry display case . Well, in order to use it without any negative effects, the Jewelry display case should also pay more attention to the design of the cabinets.

Be simple and generous and not too complicated, because most people can only accept limited information in an instant, and if they do not have clear information in an instant, they will not be interested. In addition, If the Jewelry display case is too complicated, it is easy to reduce the efficiency of the staff.

And the layout of the jewelry store. In general, the display form of jewelry display cabinets is mainly in the form of branches, linear and arc, and finally it is arranged according to the actual site. Long and narrow spaces are usually arranged in a linear way. This layout is more compact and orderly. If you want a strong display effect, you can use the shape of the layout, this can improve the utilization rate of the site. However, this requires a larger area of the site. But now it's more of a combination of these layouts, linear and arc, branch and arc. In addition, under the embellishment of designers, the layout of jewelry display cabinets is more organized, beautiful, deeply attracted the attention of consumers, deepened the impression of consumers on jewelry.

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Jewelry showcase must highlight the focus, only focus will attract the attention of customers, generally through the location, layout and lighting design to highlight the focus of the product.

To have an eye-catching logo, a distinctive design will attract the attention of a lot of visitors, so that visitors can easily understand the product, the product will also produce a good impression.

In the design, the display should be designed to highlight, because there is a focus to better attract consumers. This requires jewelry showcase in the design to be novel fashion, so that the display of goods can better display goods.

In the design, we should control the appearance color of the jewelry showcase and the color matching of the use space. If we want the jewelry showcase to play a better role in the use of the display effect, its own color should be in line with the use space, so as to make the product better displayed in front of the public.

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What impresses plus points is the lighting design on the jewelry showcase. Metal halide lamps are generally used in jewelry showcase. Metal halide lamps have high brightness and high light efficiency, but metal halide lamps are easy to cause jewelry distortion or aging, so they are generally not used in jewelry display window, but outside. Halogen lamps have a great advantage and can be used for jewelry lighting inside jewelry showcase. There are also small and flexible projection halogen lamps, which are relatively easy to control. And in the light source selection should also pay attention to, not any jewelry is using the same light source. Generally, diamonds use white light, gold use yellow light, jadeite use neutral light.

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