Jewellery Display Cases – Production Process

Jewellery Display Cases

The technological process of making Jewellery Display Cases

In the process of making Jewellery Display Case, only when the production process is clear can the goal be clear in the process of implementing each step.

First, measure the size of the site

Jewellery Display Cases are made of custom-made products, which are not like standard types of products. All the data should be customized according to the actual situation of the site. Only after the actual size of the site has been determined can the material be opened later. This made out of Jewellery Display Cases will also be in line with the actual size of the customer, will not waste bit by bit of space.

Second, the selection of material

When selecting the corresponding material, we should also buy according to the product attribute that the customer actually wants to put. For example, the organic glass or tempered glass of Jewellery Display Cases, can set off the jewelry to be more exquisite and beautiful, and attract the customer's attention.

Third, the opening of the material

After determining the material and size of the panel, it is necessary to carry out the actual material opening according to the size. At this time, we should pay attention to the graceful lines and smooth edges, so that the products can be very beautiful.

Jewellery Display Cases (1).jpg

Fourth, Treatment of lacquer in the manufacture of Jewellery Display Cases

The polishing tool used here is sandpaper, which should not be too hard or too small before finishing the paint surface. Only an experienced master can control the strength in the middle. After finishing, two lacquer treatments are required, which include the coating of the primer and the topcoat, and the uniformity of the paint must be maintained in the process of painting. This sundry surface will have a very good luster.

Fifth, packing the product

Packaging is in order not to cause damage to the surface of the goods in the course of transportation, generally will be made in the Jewellery Display Cases up and down around are filled with pearl cotton and other bubble protective devices and so on.

The above are about Jewellery Display Cases production process, I hope to help you


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