Garment Shop Interior Design -Garments Shop Decoration


1.Very simple design
2.Matte lacquer finished for whole shop
3.Very nice factory price
4.Design+Manfacture service


Garment Shop Interior Design


1. Store Size Information

50 square meters 


2. Structure

1).MDF with matte white/black/red  lacquer finished

2). Brush Stainless Steel dislpay rack

3).Led Strip Lights Decorated 

4).Custom Lighting Logo 


3. We Offer Garment Shop Interior Design Service, And The Step As 

                  1). Floor plan layout confirm( in the plan, we wil show you how to layout all items)

                  2). 3D sketches confirm

                  3). 3D redering pictures finished

                  4). Construction drawing confirm

                  5).  Will offer the correct cost base on final construction drawing. 

4. About Installation:

                 1). After recieving the goods,please check and find the installation instruction, all of products are

                      equiped with the installation guide.

                 2). Installation video can be offered

garment shop interior design

garment shop interior design

garment shop interior design

garment shop interior design


Garment Shop Interior Design products are our strong points, we try to show you more real projects we handle, not only the 3D pictures.

Pls kindly contact with us for any questions you have, my email is, thank you.


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High wall shelf :

High/2600MM Width/400MM Length/Base on floor plan Led spot lights+S/S rack

Logo showcase :

Custom LOGO+Led spot lights

Island rack:

1200X600X1200MM(Or custom size)

Handbag shelf :

Mirror black S/S+MDF with matte white lacquer finished

Cashier Desk:

Custom LOGO+Fully with locks

Pillar shelf :

Led spot lights+ Metal rack