Jewelry Showcase Maintenance Methord Daily

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Jewelry Showcase Maintenance Methord Daily

The mainly material of Jewelry showcase use are wooden jewelry showcase and stainless steel jewelry showcase .


The most important point of maintenance process of wooden jewelry showcase is to avoid scratches of wooden surface. For the wooden surface is lacquered finished. It will not be nice and not easy to recover once it is scratched. In addition, the wooden jewellery showcase ( jewellery display cabinets ) need to maintain clean and sanitary. For stubborn stains can be wiped the surface with detergent gently. The wooden jewellery counter ( Jewellery counters ) also need to moisture-proof and light-proof.The damp environment causes the material distortion of the jewelry counter ( Jewelry counters ) easily. Under the direct sunlight, the paint on the surface of the jewellery display showcase is easy to be oxidized and damaged. Also the wooden jewelry display showcases try to avoid shifts and movements frequently


Due to the surface of electroplated stainless steel jewellery display showcase are as bright as new, any dust,stains on it can be affect the appearance of the jewelry showcase.So for this kind of jewellery showcase need to be wiped with clean dry fabric.For stubborn stains can be sprayed with a small amount of green beads The electroplated stainless steeljewellery display showcase can be coated with rust preventing oil each month, which can be extend the service life of using


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