Jewelry Showcase – Angle of Design of Jewelry Showcase

Jewelry Showcase

Design of Jewelry Showcase from the Angle of Outstanding products

1. Design requirements for Jewellery Showcases

The design of Jewelry Showcase should be harmonious and not messy. The booth is made up of many aspects, including layout, lighting, color, exhibits, display frames, display tools, etc. A good design of Jewelry Showcase is to integrate these factors into one. To assist exhibitors to achieve the purpose of exhibition.

2. The design of Jewellery Showcases should be simple and generous, not too complicated

Most people can only accept a limited amount of information in an instant. The audience walks in a hurry. If they do not get clear information in the moment, they will not be interested. It is also easy to reduce the work efficiency of booth staff. The selection of exhibits must be representative, must be selective, must be abandoned. Simplicity, clarity is the best way to attract the audience's attention. Photos, charts, text instructions should be clear and concise, Design decorations that have nothing to do with the objectives and contents of the exhibition should be minimized.

3. The design of Jewellery Showcases should highlight the focus

Jewelry Showcase should be designed as the center and the focus. The focus of the stand can attract attention. The focus should be chosen in accordance with the purpose of the exhibition. Generally speaking, the focus will be more special products, newly introduced products, or very important products, through the location, layout, Lighting is designed to highlight key exhibits.

4. The design of Jewelry Showcase should clearly express the theme and the message to be conveyed

The theme is the basic information and impression that the exhibitors wish to convey to the visitors, usually the exhibitors themselves or products. A clear theme is the focal point on the one hand and the appropriate coloring on the other. Design style and layout, in a coordinated manner to create a unified impression.

5. The design of Jewellery Showcases should have a striking sign

Unique design can attract the attention of visitors, make it easier for visitors to identify and understand products, remember products, and then leave a deep impression and will be touched later memories.

The design should be unique, novel and attractive to the audience, but should not be divorced from the objectives of the exhibition and the commercial image.

6. The design of Jewellery Showcases should be based on the audience's goal

Traditional Jewelry Showcase, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc., emphasize timelessness, authority and grandeur. But in competitive exhibitions, success depends largely on the interest and reaction of the audience. Jewelry Showcase are designed to take into account people's goals, emotions, interests, opinions, and reactions.

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