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Jewelry Counters

Why the stainless steel jewelry counters are so popular ?

With the continuous development of jewelry counter industry and the expansion of market demand, stainless steel will be with its cold texture, steady color, stable physical and chemical properties, firm modeling characteristics. In jewellery counters design and production plays a very important role in decoration! The material that is commonly used when making jewelry display counter is glass, wood material and stainless steel, below we are analyzing the use of stainless steel in the design of jewellery counter design.

Stainless steel is widely used .And the price of stainless steel when designed and manufactured is more expensive than that of other materials. Because the price is more expensive, it is generally used in the high-grade display space and high-grade jewellery display counters, and in the display props, it can highlight the selling points of stainless steel jewelry counter display in the market as far as the effect of decoration is concerned.

How to show the unique material temperament of stainless steel and show it to express the noble display effect, The fine work is very important. The fine degree of workmanship determines the quality of the display space. Good display effect must be inseparable from the fine work. A good design is inseparable from the fine production process.

Stainless steel can be brushed effect, plated into titanium, rose gold, black steel and other material effects. Widely used in jewelry counters, jewelry showcase, high-end watch showcase, gold shop showcase and high-end handicraft showcase and museum exhibition and so on .

Due to the stainless steel special material temperament, the use of its high-end display space, jewelry showcase, display props material selection which is the best way to foil the display of space atmosphere,improving the display effect.

Cold stainless steel combine with wood in baking paint, tempered glasss and leather with a variety of material which are the rich display effect. And in a variety of lighting under the irradiation to form a variety of reflective effects that are the best choose for the jewelry showcase, display props design.

Jewelry Counters

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