Jewellery Showcases – Distinguish Jewelry Showcase Quality

Jewellery Showcases

The Jewellery Showcases supplier teach you to distinguish the quality Jewelry Showcase

At present, there are many kinds of Jewellery Showcases manufactured by different Jewelry Showcase manufacturers on the market. How should consumers identify the quality problems of the selected Jewelry Showcase?

we recommend the following points for your reference to those who specialize in the manufacture of Jewelry Showcase.  We hope it will help you:

First, start with the materials used in the Jewellery Showcases.

Check whether the quality of wood used in the exhibition cabinet is good and environmental protection, meet the domestic Baosteel SS400 and Q235 requirements of the materials are the best.

Second, starting with the production technology of the Jewelry Showcase.

General from the appearance of naked eye can see a general, such as the welding technology, a careful look at the welding, the quality of the Jewelry Showcase is generally not see any defects in the welding, the selection of cabinets contrast this is the best identification.

Third, starting with the overall structure of the Jewellery Showcases making

The beam should see that there are not many hooks and are not firm, but also to see whether the hooks are close to the inner side of the column. The column should see the uniform condition of the section bending, the more uniform the better. On the other hand, we can also look at the surface treatment of the Jewellery Showcases. If the spray surface smooth, flat, uniform color are better quality.

Fourth, Start with the brand of Jewelry Showcase selected

It is also an effective way to identify the good and bad quality of Jewelry Showcase by collecting and inquiring about the reputation and strength in the industry and the after-sales service of the Jewelry Showcase you are buying.


Fifth, carefully observe whether the use of color in the appearance of the Jewellery Showcases is more uniform and transparent. If the use of color can give people a feeling of lightness and liveliness, simplicity and elegance, and grandeur, In addition, color design can be in line with the subject of commodity management content, nature, category and other characteristics can be determined that the quality of Jewellery Showcases is good.

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