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Jewellery Shop Interior Design


While we make the Jewellery Shop Interior Design, need to pay close attention of the details on the Commercial jewellery counter . Its appearance directly affects the position and value of goods in the eyes of consumers. 


In fact, there are only a few points to pay attention to in the production of commercial jewellery counters


1. Authenticity

2. Sense of time and national style

3. Environmental concepts

4. Intuitionistic aesthetic effects

5. Basic rules of auxiliary facilities

6. Jewelry showcase making.


We will share the points one by one while we make the Jewellery Shop Interior Design


1. Authenticity


In order to attract customers with maximum extent, the over-the-counter production must give full play to the creative ability and rich imagination of the designer, and create an innovative aesthetic image. Jewelry showcases production must also pay attention to the authenticity of aesthetic creation, that is, the information conveyed must be accurate, should not exaggerate, bluff, this is also a very crucial issue in the production of modern Jewellery Showcases. Otherwise, not only will the credibility be lost. Contrary to professional ethics, but also cause consumer psychological distrust and a sense of hatred.

2.Sense of time and national style

Commodities are the product of the development of certain social productive forces and the level of science and technology. In essence, they reflect the evolution of history and the progress of human society. As a medium of information between commodities and consumers, the production of counters must also have distinct characteristics of the times. Specifically, the production ofmodern commercial jewellery showcases for sale is the use of advanced science and technology of human society and modern means of commercial management. Taking advantage of the material convenience brought by large-scale production in the industrialized society, through the display of various media, creating a changeable visual communication effect, to complete the media planning that belongs to the commercial category. Then the new concept of goods to change the customer's shopping psychology, so that consumers in the form of display under the influence of the organic choice of goods. 


3. Environmental concepts


Commercial display mainly appeals to people's visual and auditory feelings. It is closely related to the environment, which is the place of people's activities. At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of the city's humanistic landscape, so, It is necessary to emphasize the concept of environment. The production of commercial jewelry showcase exists in the large system of human-environment. Therefore, the overall design must be carried out from the overall space when the concrete design is carried out.


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4. Intuitionistic aesthetic effects


People's viewing of commercial exhibits is completed in a very short time. Thus, "the shortest time and the maximum amount of information" has become a major problem for modern commercial jewelry showcases making. Psychological research shows, "intuition" "the aesthetic effect emphasizes instant reflection. This kind of instantaneous reflection is the emotional reflection caused by the stimulus of the aesthetic object to the subject, which enriches the image of the object in the process of imagination. And in his mind left a distinct feeling and strong impression of the object.


5.Basic rules of auxiliary facilities

The jewelry showcase display made of the purpose is to make the audience most effectively receive information in limited time and space. Therefore, the jewelry showcase counter production is centered on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of exhibition activities. In addition to the design of the display environment itself, the jewelry store renderings show the important content of design objects on display in the form of counter is made in addition to the basic law. Therefore, the study of the general space design, research in ornamental display object is the visual physiological and psychological process is the basic premise to counter the production.


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