Jewellery Furniture – Design And Budget In The Retail Shop

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Jewellery Furniture

Jewellery Furniture Design And Budget In The Retail Shop / Showroom– Ding Yang  Commercial Display Furniture Co., Ltd.

While the buyers who from abroad purchase the jewelry cabinets furniture, jewelry store furniture ,jewelry display furniture in China. Especially for the whole jewelry shop decoration of large space, buyers are very interested in the total budget which include the jewellery shop furniture products cost , shipment cost and installation cost and so on. 

So this article are about the issues of jewellery shop design, jewellery furniture custom and the jewellery shop interior design decoration.

About the budget issue, when the buyers offer us the interested jewelry furniture cabinets reference pictures and the store floor plan layout document ( such as the length and width of the shop ), we could response them the rough budget information. But the correct cost only can offer after making the design. And the elements that will impact of unite price will include the structure of jewellery furniture, the materials use ( We will introduce more materials details in others articles), the size and so on .

About the jewellery shop counter design for the whole store , we will charge some design cost such as USD500 – USD1000, it will depend on the store space. But this design cost will be refunded to buyers while they place the jewellery furniture products with us. The design time is about 12 days ( it will depend on the store space ).

While we make the jewellery shop showcase designs , the buyers maybe worry about that if the design are not satisfied, What should I do?  

In fact we could understand this point and we guarantee all buyers that we could revise till the buyers are happy. And we do in this way all the time. The correct cost will offer to buyers after the design are done.

As for the jewellery furniture products, we could offer Door to Door shipment method to most of countries.

If you plan to renew your jewelry shop / jewelry showroom,  pls kindly contact with Shirley.  We could offer you the service you need.

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